5 Genuine ways to increase the organic reach on search

5 Genuine ways to increase the organic reach on search

Increasing the organic reach on search is a different ball game. Every day millions of searches are happening in Google. Every business ranging from small to large are competing huge to reach the the top position on search engine.

In today’s competition, every business are trying hard for their survival.

Here I will help you with 5 Genuine ways to increase the organic reach on the search.

Clean and Beautiful Website

You should have a clean and beautiful website. This is the most important thing for boosting your SEO rankings.

The website should indicate the Google crawler about the navigation of the website. There are few things that Google crawler looks for deciding the ranking, which includes.

  1. Is the website is easy to navigate?
  2. Whether the design is mobile responsive?
  3. You should not use any duplicate content, if found by google which leads to penalty
  4. Will your domain name reflects the type of content posted on the site?

Content is always the King:

If you really needs to improve the organic reach on search, write more contents. The content will take a long way to increase the organic reach on search.

If you had a website in 2011, you can use the duplicate content and still get a decent search engine ranking.

Those days are over, if you really needs to rank on the search you need to create good and high quality contents. You should not use keyword stuffing every where over the content.

When you follow this, google will start loving your website and make your website to be on the top.

Even the customers will love it when you have a good quality content.

Before writing the content, develop a positive attitude. Keep in mind about your business brand and image. Your content should always help the people. It should not merely a marketing content.

There is no requirement that you should be an expert in language and writing. Keep it simple. Whatever you write, it should communicate the message properly to the audience.

PRO TIP – Don’t ever try to create the best content on a single day, it will come only through practice.

Creation of content strategy:

The next way to increase the search on the reach is to plan a clear content strategy. You should not stop after writing 10 to 20 contents in your blog. Always update your blog with new contents. Blog has a huge role in getting the organic reach for the search.

It’s not merely updating the content on the website, but also needs to promote it. Here the social media comes into the game. You need to use social media to promote your contents to the audience.

By this way, you can bring good traffic to the website.

Never Ignore meta descriptions:

Meta description plays a good role in increasing the reach on search indirectly. Google is not considering meta description as a ranking signals. But, the meta descriptions are loved by business owners.

It is tiny block which appears below the URL in the search page. You need to use the keywords in the meta description. Google will highlight the keyword in the meta description which helps the users to click on it.

It will tends the user to click on it and the click through rate of the website will gets increased.

For example, the above link has click through rate of 18% which is slight higher than Industry average.

Find a way to attract the high quality links:

The other important way to generate the organic reach on the search is attracting outbound high-quality links.

When you attract high quality links, it signals to google and give the website a better ranking. In opposite, if we you have low quality links, it will reduce the ranking of the search.

The best way to attract high quality link is try to get connect with the webmasters and genuinely ask them to guest post on your site.

This is a slow process, but we very effective way.

These are the genuine ways to increase the organic reach on search. Patience always makes you good in digital marketing.

If you want to earn very good rankings, you need to wait for some time.

Here at shandigital, we try to provide the quality contents on digital marketing. If you like to talk to us regarding digital marketing, please do reach us. 

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