How to utilize Google Covid – 19 Marketing Strategy Playbook

How to utilize Google COVID-19 Marketing Strategy

It is no doubt that entire world is suffering from Pandemic. The entire economy is collapsed and every business is really struggling to find new ways of marketing to attract their customer. The search engine giant Google has released the Google Covid -19 Marketing Strategy Playbook. Let us see here, how business can use this book to improve their marketing strategy.

Three paths to economic recovery:

Google has identified three paths to economic recovery.

1. Respond

2. Rebuild

3. Recover / Reframe


In the responding stage, there is a huge fluctuation in the market demand and every customer is considered as the most important asset. The businesses have started to respond to fast changing consumer behavior.

This is really important that business needs to solve the problems today to rebuild the business for tomorrow.


In the re-building stage, businesses are identifying the best ways to re-build their business and the marketing strategies using the deeper insights, tools, techniques and measurements.

The demand situation is dynamic and no one is able to predict. So, the businesses have to be in the position to capture the dynamic demand and position yourselves for the recovery.

Recover / Reframe:

Most of the world has now understood the importance of Digital Marketing and business are reframing their strategies to restart the growth.

The businesses have to take a serious understanding from this crisis and always be prepared for long term strategy to drive sustained growth.

Marketing Strategy Playbook for economic recovery

 Google has divided the marketing strategies into three stages:

1. Consumer insights to drive your approach

2. Assess the impact of your business

3. Take action now         

Consumer insights to drive your approach:

In this stage, it is all about understanding the behavior of the consumer. This is really important for everyone, starting from small business to giants start moving towards the digital channels and promoting their products / services.

Business can identify the consumer insights by finding the search pattern and shift in consumer behavior.

Pandemic related search patterns

Google has identified the three important search patterns:

1. Shock

Sudden change in the behavior of the behavior of the consumer search.  It clearly shows that consumers are unlikely to sustain.

Example: Closing of schools, closing of supermarkets, closing of trains, closing of public transport.

2. Step Change:

This is also a sudden change in the behavior, but here the consumer can able to sustain.  It also shows signs that consumer can stabilize at elevated levels.

Example: Home work out searches, House cooking

3. Speed Up:

This stage is acceleration for the consumer behavior. Here, it shows the positive sign that consumer can sustain at this level with continued behavior for now.

Example:  Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery

Four Tools for discovering consumer insights:

Google has suggested four tools which can be utilized for identifying the consumer behavior.

Google Trends:

Google Trends are used to find the actual search of the keywords. The actual searches can be segmented using date and geographic locations. You can also find the trend of the search keyword. The comparative search of keywords can be also found in the Google trends.

Shopping Insights:

Here, it will allow you to see the shopping trends of the consumer. The shopping trend can be finding out based on the product and brands.

Google Alerts:

You will receive the alerts when there are information and news about the keyword and topics you have chosen.

Find My Audience:

A simple tool for identifying the YouTube audience.

Golden Mine – Google Marketing Response:

Google uses its own example to explain about how to respond to the changing search trend by using five marketing principles. By using these principles, Google has framed their strategy which is relevant to the users at current situation.


Identify the context are related to localization.

Constant Reassess:

Be flexible and accessible to changing trends

Creative Consideration:

Whether all the artwork, tone and words and other creative are really appropriate.

Changing priorities to negative uncertainty:

Being helpful always that fits the current reality

Contribution, at every opportunity:

Identify the ways how every brands and business are contributing which are specific to pandemic.

This Marketing strategy playbook can be downloaded here..


Google Covid 19 Marketing strategy playbook has shared many ideas and insights how to find the new customers using the trends.

Also the businesses need to be flexible in taking the decisions considering the current situation. They need to help the needy consumers. Moreover contributing brands always stays in the hearts of consumers.

List out some of the brands which has contributed specific to the pandemic……

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